A Letter to Genevieve…


This is a letter written to Genevieve James about her mother Cornelia that we received recently from a lady called Dora Brown. Dora used to work as a seamstress for Cornelia James in the 1940s. This letter reflects on her fond memories of her time spent working in the factory with Cornelia and is a little […]

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How to Care for your Cashmere


Whether it’s a cashmere scarf for those cooler Summer evenings, or whether it’s your favourite cashmere jumper, cashmere is one of those fabrics that we all just can’t seem to get enough of. We at Cornelia James, especially, cannot get enough. Both our cashmere gloves and our cashmere scarves start with the best raw material around. For our […]

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By Royal Appointment…


With Royal Ascot having just been, and with Royalty on the brain, it seems like a fitting time to talk about something else Royal—the Royal Warrant. While, of course, a Royal Warrant demands absolute discretion from its holder, we tend to let people in on our secret every now and then. If you hadn’t heard, […]

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How to Choose your Wedding Gloves


Historically, gloves were a staple at any wedding. From bride to guest, from lace to cotton, everyone attending a wedding ceremony would have been dressed in a pair of wedding gloves. Indeed, out of respect, gloves were worn at most religious and traditional ceremonies, only removed when sitting down to eat. Granted, some things are […]

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How to make a silk glove


You may have noticed that we like to talk about gloves. From leather gloves to silk gloves, we have been in the business of gloves for over 70 years… and we’re a little bit obsessed. But, we must admit, gloves are a mystery to some. When you think about a dress, or a beautiful silk scarf, […]

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