Mysteries of The Universe- Why aren’t you wearing any gloves?

It is said that fashion is like Quantum Physics – it has to be observed.
Fashion is also like quantum physics because against the backdrop of glittering constellations of glitz and glamour there is a mysterious black hole. There is a black vortex of mystery engulfing a treasured accessory – The glove.
Trends rotate like the orbiting of the moon, fashion faux pas crash and burn like meteorites across the sky but the glove is so often no where to be seen. . . an unexplained phenomenom.
And so it is time to ask yourself – why aren’t you wearing any gloves?
We don’t mean wearing gloves to save your hands from turning blue in the winter we mean really wearing them. Wearing them for elegance, for style and class. Have you forgotten that this is what gloves are really for?
We idolize the famous women of the 50’s and 60’s for their grace, glamour and unprecedented style. How did they do it? . . . they wore gloves.
Fashion (and logic) still dictates that we wear hats on our heads, shoes on our feet; would we not would be foolish to let gloves slip from our hands?
Women of these bygone eras knew how to transform their outfits into statements with the addition of one simple accessory. Their looks are iconic, their hands gloved.
Here are some of our favorite glove wearing icons from then and now.
1. Audrey Hepburn
                                                                   2. Suzy Parker
                      3. Jean Shrimpton
                 4. Jackie Onassis
                                                                          5. Madonna
                                                                    6. Taylor Swift
                                                                          7. Rihanna
                                                         8. The Duchess of Cambridge
     9. The Queen
 As timeless as the universe with transformative powers greater than any cosmic force the glove is a wonder of creation. To infinity and beyond!

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