From Glyndebourne to Glastonbury – The Pashmina Takes to The Stage.

From Glyndebourne to Glastonbury, from Carmen to Kanye – It’s the pashmina you won’t want to forget this summer.

GlyndebourneGlastonbury Festival

 The original Persian translation literally means soft gold but thankfully for the sake of cost and wear ability the pashmina is actually made from a soft fine cashmere wool.

It is this fine cashmere wool which makes pashminas the ultimate versatile luxury item. Silk is often use in the composition of pashminas but this addition detracts from the quality. 100% cashmere is the mark of a true luxury pashmina. 

The real test of quality originates from the bazaars. Only a pure cashmere which can be thread through a medium sized ring can really claim the title of pashmina. The pashmina is so fine it can easily fit in your pocket. Any silks or other materials mixed with cashmere thicken the scarf compromising its quality and authenticity.


Achieving such a fine fabric is a difficult task and one which can only be done by collecting cashmere wool in the Himalayan regions from the fine fleece of the pashmina goat. The fleece is collected and spun by hand and only the softest wool from these goats is used to create a quality pashmina. It can take up to 10 of these goat’s coats to gather enough material for one large pashmina.

Pashmina Goat

 It’s only right that we declare our gratitude to these mountainous mammals for their wondrous wool which we so proudly wear. Warm in the winter, perfect for summer evenings, soft to touch and lightweight to wear, how does the pashmina do it? One can only assume that woven into this fabric are magic threads of wonder. Suitable attire for both an evening of Pavarotti or P-diddy – the soft golden embrace of the pashmina is always welcome.

Pavarotti P-Diddy


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